Hello, I'm Aitik Gupta

and welcome to my corner of the internet!
find me exploring 🫡

A postgraduate in his final year from IIIT, Gwalior

My technical/professional experiences:

Over the last few years I’ve been exploring how technology drives the ecosystems like demand-shaping in e-commerce, payments, C2C marketplace, etc. at established firms.

I’ve gained experience by implementing, optimizing and maintaining the backend for gobs of product features.

My personal projects apply technologies including core CS academia, databases, design patterns, into realtime utilities, and are open-sourced.

Did I mention?

I find Open Source community truly amazing, some of my major contributions:

I like challenges, and I solve them with:

Tech-Stack that I'm familiar with:

During my free time, I like to blog my journey, take part in stage & street theatres, compete in casual e-sports, and explore cuisines!

PS: I go by @aitikgupta throughout the web! \o/

My life in bullet points:

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